• The Best Pop Stars To Follow On Instagram
  • 1 The Best Pop Stars To Follow On Instagram
  • 2 The Best Pop Stars To Follow On Instagram
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  • 4 The Best Pop Stars To Follow On Instagram
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  • The Best Pop Stars to Follow on Instagram

    Instagram has made it easier than ever to keep up with pop stars. Documenting the day-to-day glamor, public celebrity profiles are the most direct way to stay in the know about exciting news. Whether it's a new single, a new tattoo, or a new pair of shoes, each photo is a snapshot of stardom. But not all pop stars are equal 'gram-ers. Good ones plan their shots in advance, update often, and have a signature selfie to boot. Here are Pepsi Pulse's Best Pop Stars to Follow On Instagram.
  • 1. Rihanna

    Handle: @badgalriri

    Followers: 6,063,466

    Following: 785

    Selfie type: Selfie From the Back

    Bad Gal Riri is one of the most exciting pop stars to follow on Instagram. From backstage shots, to personal photos with family members, to racy selfies in her latest outfits, this photo feed makes you feel like the pop star is just one of your girls. One of your very beautiful, very wealthy, very badly behaved girls.
  • 2. Sky Ferreira

    Handle: @skyferreira

    Followers: 37,090

    Following: 248

    Selfie type: “I haven’t showered in 3 days” Selfie

    Aside from some pretty basic shots of favorite childhood storybooks and daily snacks, Sky Ferreira’s Instagram gives you a sneak peak into the sometimes glamorous, sometimes not, life of a pop star and model. Scroll down her feed for a special shot with famed photographer, and Ferreira's close friend, Terry Richardson.

  • 3. Justin Bieber

    Handle: @justinbieber

    Followers: 7,492,928

    Following: 22

    Selfie type: Shirtless Selfie

    Music videos and tabloids not enough? True Bieber fever means checking the pop star’s insta feed every night before bed for a “sweet dreams” selfie. Be forewarned: they are largely shirts-optional.

  • 4. Justin Timberlake

    Handle: @justintimberlake

    Followers: 576,302

    Following: 0

    Selfie type: Black and White Selfie

    Justin Timberlake’s Instagram feed is brand new, and curated to a T. He follows no one, rarely hashtags, and filters exclusively in black and white. How very Suit and Tie of him!

  • 5. Madonna

    Handle: @madonna

    Followers: 259,149

    Following: 4

    Selfie type: Selfie In Costume

    Madonna uses her Instagram like a good, old-fashioned blog. She often posts personal political beliefs, spiritual and astrological tidbits, and, of course, selfies in girl scout costumes. A screenshot of a message Madonna received from Instagram suggests they weren’t all too happy with one or more of her photos. We’re not sure which picture ticked them off, but something tells us the mother of modern pop music won’t be phased by a polite request not to do what she wants.

  • 6. Demi Lovato

    Handle: @ddlovato

    Followers: 502,452

    Following: 0

    Selfie type: Sleeping Selfie

    Although Demi Lovato appears to be pretty new to the whole Instagram craze, her adorable sneak peeks at what happens behind the scenes have got us wanting more. She shares her latest fashion endeavors, shots from backstage at live concerts, and even the occasional candid of her napping under a work desk. Everyone needs to catch up on sleep every now and then, even pop stars with chart-topping singles!

  • 7. Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas

    Handles: @joejonas, @kevinjonas and @nickjonas

    Combined followers: 976,874

    Combined following: 257

    Nick Jonas selfie type: Travel Selfie

    Joe Jonas selfie type: Professional Photoshoot Selfie

    Kevin Jonas selfie type: “I love my girlfriend” Selfie

    Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas live pretty similar lives. Sharing a band, and a family name means that they’re often travelling together, performing together, and relaxing together. If you look at their Instagram feeds one after the other, you get such a well-rounded portrait of their day-to-day lives that it pretty much serves as a substitute to a reality show starring the Jonases.

  • 8. Ellie Goulding

    Handle: @elliegoulding

    Followers: 571,663

    Following: 46

    Selfie Type: Fitness Selfie

    An avid runner, lover of punk rock clothing, and all-around goofball, Ellie Goulding is the kind of pop star who makes success look easy. Her feed is filled with smiles, friends, sweet treats, and style favorites. Now we know why she’s sporting crop tops so much, hit her feed to check out those abs!