• Five Songs To Stream Right Now: The Girls Edition

    “Who run the world?” You know the rest.  Hey ladies, this one’s for you. Our friends over at Pigeons and Planes have a special affinity for female vocalists and musicians--and they really know how to pick em. Click through the playlist above to meet the next five special ladies in your life.
  • Rainbow Chan, "Skinny Dipping"

    Music from Australia automatically feels cooler and more accessible, and Rainbow Chan is no different. Her latest EP <em>Long Vacation</em> feels like just that—a break from reality. The Sydney native is classically trained in saxophone, piano and choral music, but she manages to turn these stiff skills into free-swinging experimental pop that celebrates the simplest of life's pleasures. On "Haircut" she leaves behind the dead ends of the past and looks forward to a carefree future—glitchy, sparkling and teetering on the edge of radio-friendly, Rainbow Chan is an international artist to keep an eye on.
  • Nylo, "Fool me Once"

    Nylo is an LA-based singer with a sugary sweet voice that tells tales of destruction over seductive beats and hypnotizing rhythms. True to her phoenix from the ashes rise from art student and couch-crasher to a full-fledged deal with Epic, Nylo's songs reflect the darker underbelly of struggle and deception that exist even in the sunny city of angels. "Fool Me Once" exemplifies this mosaic of emotions—she combines defiant, honest lyrics with her incredible vocals and there's little not to love. Earning early co-signs from Nas and Mac Miller, this Alt-R&B crooner is on the path to stardom.
  • Haerts, "All the Days"

    One of Columbia Record's latest signees, it only takes one listen to understand why Haerts are already selling out shows all over the country. Frontwoman Nini Fabi is surrounded by a group of talented musicians, sure, but it's her skyrocketing, husky voice that elevates this group to celestial status. The intricate rock is so fully of soul it brings to mind they're greats like Fleetwood Mac or Heart—there's powerful feminine energy in Fabi's voice. Look for the name Haerts in lights soon, it's bound to be on stadiums across America.
  • Natasha Kmeto, "Crisis"

    Electronic music is sweeping the nation, and as it reaches even the outermost corners of the country, different twists on the genre are creeping in. Natasha Kmeto hails from the Northwestern part of America—originally from California—the vocalist/producer now calls Portland her home. On her sophomore album Crisis, these natural influences seem to have seeped into the electronic sounds, and the result is an organic collection of songs that feels like it keeps growing through repeated listens. On "Idiot Proof" jittery piano riffs and circling, thick synthesizers are woven in with Kmeto's thin soprano that sprouts into a throaty croon as the song unfolds.
  • Daughter, "Get Lucky" Cover

    Daughter are a slow-burning folk rock act from London that recently signed to the storied indie label 4AD. While frontwoman Elena Tonra usually lends her tragically beautiful vocals to heartbreaking tunes of her own, she recently took on the summer's most joyful anthem, Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," and turned it into a tale of pathos. Daughter's cover of the song feels like it picks up after you finally leave the party and head home with your loved ones in tow—exhausted, but happy to be together.