• Blog Pulse: The 10 Biggest Music Sites Right Now
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  • Blog Pulse: The Big Ten

    Blog Pulse is Pepsi Pulse’s destination to find out what the best music blogs, websites, and digital music sources are right now. We’ll explore who the most trusted voices in music blogging are, which sites commission the best original mixes, and who has the pulse on different genres around the world. For the first week, we wanted to set the stage and pull together The Big Ten when it comes to music sites. These are the heavy hitters who get the exclusives, premiere songs from your favorite artists, and have the skinny on the largest events and award shows. If you’re looking for a quick info download on what’s current in mainstream music news, this is your list.

  • 1. Billboard


    Billboard is the world’s go-to place figure out what’s hot in the moment. Curious for a magazine that was founded in 1894 to cover circuses and fairs! After being in the biz for over 100 years it has proven to be the most trusted measure of how successful songs and albums are. The Billboard Top 100 is only one of over 100 weekly charts the media major puts out that rates songs and albums based on digital sales, radio airplay, and online streaming. While the mag itself is geared towards industry professionals, Billboard.com gives readers up to the minute news, interviews and fresh music to listen to. Check the charts!

  • 2. MTV


    The first thing ever broadcast on MTV was the Apollo 11 moon landing, which is where this logo came from. That broadcast started the movement that became what we know MTV as today. From live concert streams to beloved VJs, Art Breaks to House of Style, MTV dominated the 80’s and 90’s. Now, MTV.com houses a whole slew of original content geared towards youth. Two of the best branches of MTV’s music coverage are the Video Music Awards, a young people’s answer to the Grammys, and the MTV Buzzworthy Blog. Apparently they also make reality shows that are pretty popular, but we’re in it for the tunes.

  • 3. Resident Advisor

    Resident Advisor is the online authority for electronic dance music. Created in 2001, the digital publication reaches all corners of the EDM world. Original interviews, daily news, event listings, photos and music charts make up the comprehensive voice of RA. From Deadmau5 to Tiësto, any electronic musician who has marked the industry over the course of the genre’s rise has shown up on the site. Their weekly podcasts deliver the best music directly to your headphones each week. Get advised.

  • 4. Stereogum

    One of the first mp3 blogs on the net, Stereogum has the indie music beat on lock. Known for staking out bands and artists before they hit it big time, the site is your one-stop shop for discovering something new. The editors take their jobs pretty seriously, it’s not the kind of site where you’ll have to wade through a lot of crap to find something good. That’s what the staff is for!

  • 5. The Fader

    An independent magazine based out of New York City, The Fader was once referred to as “The Bible,” of new music by the New York Times. The Fader website tapped in to its readership with a slew of TV, marketing and live event components on the roster that makes it hard to go very long without seeing the name somewhere. Recurring features like, “The Things I Carry,” and their mega-outpost at SXSW every year are what keep people coming back.

  • 6. Dazed Digital

    Dazed Digital is the web component of Dazed and Confused Magazine, a lovechild of London’s party and art scenes in the 1970’s. Interspersed with Fashion, pop culture, art, and design is music news that is looks to artists on the cutting edge. Specifically interested in artistic crossover and collaboration, Dazed features music from unique points of view, like Hedi Slimane’s photography of rock and roll icon Courtney Love. Their archive can get pretty addictive, so make sure you have some time to head over and get dazed.

  • 7. Noisey

    The youngest site on this list, Noisey is only a few years old. The VICE Media operated music platform centers on video content featuring the best emerging artists from countries around the world. Like Vice, Noisey’s writers are known for taking a sarcastic, critical tone and covering topics that range from NSFW to outright bizarre. Turn off your sensitive content filters and head on over to Noisey to get a glimpse of their loud-mouthing. You’ll probably stumble across some great artists you’ve never heard of along the way.

  • 8. Pitchfork

    If you’re looking for long-form, indepth music journalism, Pitchfork is your site. The contributors aren’t just music junkies, many of them art trained musicians and music theorists on top of being fans. Their cutthroat 1-10 rating system for new albums has gotten many an artist into a tizzy, but the ones who score on the high side can be satisfied knowing they’ve earned their stripes. Head over the Pitchfork and get ready to get heady. No genre limitations apply.

  • 9. FACT Magazine

    Fact Magazine’s original mix series is no doubt the biggest draw to this US/UK online publication. Created as a British bi-monthly music magazine in 2003, Fact went all online a few years in and has been choosing artists to produce weekly original mixes for the site. They cover music and tech news, review new albums, and seek out emerging stars to shed light on before they break. If you haven’t already, check out the site to get the facts.

  • 10. Complex Music

    When it comes to Hip Hop, no one offers more wide-reaching and in-depth coverage than Complex. Written for true Hip Hop fans, their music content spans up to the minute news and wide ranging histories on MCs and rappers big and small. Music bleeds into every other category the online component of Complex Magazine’s print iteration covers. Want to know what mixes dropped in the last hour, sneakers Kanye West wore this week or map the history of Basketball references in rap lyrics? Chances are, you’ll find it on Complex.