Givenchy fittin' like it's gym clothes,” raps Terrence Thornton, AKA Pusha T, the Bronx-born, Virginia-bred rapper signed to Kanye’s label, GOOD Music. Dressed in tailored sweats at the launch of his latest Play Cloths collection for FW13, Pusha sat down with us to discuss the intersections of hip-hop and fashion, what he’s tired of seeing guys wearing, and the collaborators on his forthcoming album My Name is My Name.

Even with the advent of hip-hop artists embracing high fashion in their dress and lyrics, Push calls attention to the fact that crossover isn't anything new. “It’s about bragging. Slick Rick had to have on Gucci. Now people are putting a lot of emphasis on the fashion but they’re not really that good with music,” he explains.  

“I couldn’t want to dress like a bad rapper,” he laughs, "And I think that's what's happening right now. People want to dress like bad rappers." What can he say? It's not easy keeping up with two talents and doing both well. 

Pusha T happens to be one of the special few who crowns both the fashion and music worlds. My Name Is My Name is set for release October 8 on GOOD Music and Def Jam. Watch the video above and take some advice from the self-proclaimed artist with hip-hop's album of the year. Here’s to dressing like a GOOD rapper.