In the brand new video for her single, “Imagine It Was Us,” Jessie Ware takes us to the club. We follow her from her dressing room where she gets ready for a performance with her dancers to the spotlit stage. Decked out in a red gown, a red fur shawl and heavy gold jewelry, Ware smiles as she dances through a packed salon of fabulously-dressed partygoers. Zeroing in on one guy in particular, she looks like she’s been hit with a serious case of dance-lust and won’t be distracted by anything in the way of the object of her affection.

The song is a mellow, but sparkling dance anthem that is sure to ignite similar evening pursuits to the one in the video. Click here to watch it on Vevo and pre-order a copy of the special edition of her debut album Devotion on her website.

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