Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and singer/songwriter Norah Jones have lent their talents to a new album paying homage to The Everly Brothers. Titled Foreverly, the release features the pair covering all the songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s second album, 1958’s Songs Our Daddy Taught Us.

Armstrong says he wanted to remake the album so he could expose the songs to a new audience.  “I got into the Everly Brothers’ record a couple years ago and I thought it was just beautiful,” he tells “I was listening to it every morning for a while off and on. I thought it would be cool to remake the record because I thought it was sort of an obscure thing and more people should know about it.”

The singer adds he wanted to change the sound of the songs by recruiting Jones for the project, with whom he struck up a friendship after they performed together with Stevie Wonder and his band during the 2005 Grammy Awards.

“I really wanted to do it with a woman singing because I thought it would take on a different meaning -- maybe broaden the meaning a little bit -- as compared to hearing the songs being sung by the two brothers,” Armstrong explains. “We had Stevie Wonder in common…so I called her and she said yes. So it was kinda like…a blind date.”

Foreverly will be released on 11/25 on Reprise Records. You can now check out a preview of a cut from the release, “Long Time Gone,” at Warner Brothers Records' Soundcloud page.

Here's the track list:

“Roving Gambler”
“Long Time Gone”
“Lightning Express”
“Silver Haired Daddy of Mine”
“Down in the Willow Garden”
“Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet”
“Oh So Many Years”
“Barbara Allen”
“Rockin’ Alone (In an Old Rocking Chair)”
“I’m Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail”
“Put My Little Shoes Away”

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