Getting the chance to star in a music video doesn’t happen every day, but a group of passionate Kelly Rowland fans got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Following the success of the Spike Lee-directed short film for “The Game,” Rowland invited fans to be a part of a special fan lyric video.

The new fan lyric video for “The Game,” which is an exclusive track off the Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game album, features spirited fans from all across the globe including New York, London and São Paul who submitted videos and pictures of themselves singing and dancing to the song. In addition to the fan-sourced footage, the video also includes exclusive behind the scenes footage of Rowland in the studio as she created the powerful, uplifting track.

“The passion and talent from the fans blew me away,” said Kelly. “I was immediately attracted to and identified with ‘The Game’ and its theme of overcoming challenges and finding your voice, so it was awesome to see my fans just as motivated by it.”

“The Game” is one of eleven hit songs on the Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game album. The album brings together some of the most popular names in music including Kelly Rowland, Janelle Monáe, Timbaland, Rachel Assil, Santigold, Rita Ora, Don Omar, R3hab and Jetta for a one-of-a-kind influential anthemic record. It also caught the attention of notable film directors such as Spike Lee, Jessy Terrero, Idris Elba, Diego Luna and The Kolton Brothers who created short films to accompany the tracks.

You can watch the official fan lyric video for “The Game” above, and make sure to download the Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game album on iTunes out now. Enjoy!