The lead singer of Scottish electro-pop band, Chvrches, Lauren Mayberry is a lot more than just a pretty face and voice. After completing a law degree, she received a master’s degree in journalism. Only then, in October of 2011 did she begin to pursue a music career full time with her bandmates Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. In late 2012, they premiered their first two songs, “Lies,” and “The Mother We Share.” People took notice immediately.

The combination of synth-drenched melodies and intelligent, poetic lyrics make the trio one of the most interesting emerging bands to surface in the last year. All three band members are experienced songwriters. Though Mayberry was busy with school, she played music as a past time throughout her life. Cook and Doherty were both professional musicians and writers before joining Chvrches. It is the combination of their technical skill and Mayberry’s raw and untrained voice that make their music so intoxicating. The Glaswegian accent Mayberry sings in juxtaposes the bubbling electronic backdrop of their sound with a pointed realism.  They land somewhere between the indie rock bands of the 90’s, the nuanced and minimal house music of East London five years ago, and the pop sensibility of major stars like Taylor Swift.

After playing only a handful of shows, the group was invited to join Passion Pit on tour. What might have been too big of a leap for many bands proved to be a fortifying and joyful experience for Chvrches. They were named the fifth most promising group of 2013 by NPR, a firm indication that Chvrches is skyrocketing faster than human eyes can follow. This spring and summer season they are balancing time working on their debut studio album with live shows in the US and Australia. Get ready to hear plenty more about this promising band.

In the meantime, check out their latest single, Recover, and catch a show if you happen to be in one of the cities they’re hitting.