• The Ten Hottest Dubstep DJs Right Now
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  • The Ten Hottest Dubstep DJs Right Now

    The proliferation of electronic music all over the world can’t be ignored. It bleeds into every other genre and accounts for a massive fan base in every continent. But how to sort through the synths and hi-hats, the 808’s and reverb? Know your DJs. This new series, “The Ten Hottest DJs” takes you through the biggest names in trap, house, trance, and dubstep so you can keep your basslines straight. The last five years of pop culture have experienced what we'd like to call a dubstep invasion. The insane screeching drops and manic, wobbling basslines you hear on the radio and in clubs now are exaggerated interpretations of the sound that seeped out of South London in the early 90's. At first dubstep was minimal and melancholic, relying on syncopated drum patterns and sub bass frequencies to tell a story over time. Now, melded with pop, hip hop, rock and even heavy metal, it's all about how big the bass is and how hard you can dance to it. Whatever your preferred flavor is, remember there are different dubstep sounds out there! Find the ones you like on this list of The Ten Hottest Dubstep DJs Right Now. Part I: The Ten Hottest Trap DJs Right Now Part II: The Ten Hottest House DJs Right Now Part III: The Ten Hottest Trance DJs Right Now
  • 1. Skrillex

    Long hair, thick frames, and the biggest drops in the music landscape characterize the most well-known dubstep DJ on earth. A festival god, by every stretch of the imagination, he has played alongside the biggest artists from almost every genre. He’s won six Grammy awards, been featured in virtually every music (and many non-music) publications on earth, and recently finished scoring the film, Spring Breakers, with legendary director Harmony Korine. Did we mention he’s only 25?

    Click here to check out Skrillex’s Soundcloud.
  • 2. Starkey

    PJ “Starkey” Geissinger  borrows his alias from a popular brand of hearing aids. The Philadelphia DJ is known for his grime-influenced dubstep that has carried him all around the world playing live sets and making mixes for everyone from Xlr8r to BBC Radio 1.  He co-owns two records labels, Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey, and dropped his latest album Inter-Mission in March.

    Pick up a copy of Inter-Mission on Seclusiasis and Click here to check out Starkey on Soundcloud.
  • 3. Rusko

    Rusko is the guy who basically brought dubstep to the pop generation. The English DJ and producer made his mark on the genre by injecting it with a joyful and uplifting tone more easily digestible by music fans not accustomed to the darker sound. A former Mad Decent artist, he's worked with the likes of MIA, Pete Tong, Switch and Santigold. Recently, he became committed to releasing music independently, and for free! His latest EP Kapow is available for anyone who wants it--all you have to do is give him your email address, or send a Tweet or Facebook post and it’ll be dropped right into your inbox!

    Catch him on tour throughout the US now and pick up a copy of Kapow here.
  • 4. Caspa

    West London’s Gary McCann AKA Capsa is one of the most ubiquitous names in dubstep. He started producing music in the early 2000’s getting attention from BBC DJs immediately. Now he owns two records labels, Storming and Dub Police, plays festivals like Glastonbury and Global Gathering, and has a dedicated fan base all over the world. Electric Daisy Carnival takes place in London for the first time this summer and he’s on the bill. He also released a new album, Alpha Omega this year and put out a video for the single, “Setting Sun,” last week.

    Watch the brand new video for Caspa’s, “Setting Sun,” here.
  • 5. Bassnectar

    Lorn Ashon, AKA Bassnectar is a DJ/producer based in Santa Cruz, CA. Deeply influenced by bands like Metallica and Nirvana, his heavy blend of dubstep bears a unique sound. Combined with extravagant light shows and a penchant for speaking out about freedom of expression, his originality makes him one of the most engaging members of the electronic music community. He collaborated with emerging rapper, Angel Haze on his latest EP Freestyle, showing his continued involvement with new music well into his highly successful career. From Coachella to Electric Zoo, Bassnectar will be active on the festival circuit this spring and summer. Catch him if you can!

    Pick up a copy of the Freestyle EP here and stream the title track ft. Angel Haze.
  • 6. Skream & Benga

    Skream and Benga are the Dubstep pair to end all competition. Revolutionizing the genre, the childhood friends took over the “DJs We Trust” segment on BBC Radio 1 after both achieving major successes in their solo careers. Their partnership elevated the duo to an unprecedented level of international acclaim, resulting in tours, festival performances and the release of Magnetic Man, a self-titled album from their dubstep supergroup with fellow producer, Artwork.

    Check out the latest installment of their weekly radio show BBC Radio 1 here.
  • 7. Mala

    You might know Mala as one half of Digital Mystikz, the dub production duo that run the DMZ record label. After a successful career partnering with his childhood friend, Mala is emerging as a prominent solo artist. He released his first solo LP Return II Space and launched a new record label, Deep Medi to promote emerging artists outside of the DMZ umbrella. His latest solo album, Mala in Cuba was born out of a trip to Cuba where Mala connected with local artists to combine traditional Cuban vocals and sounds with his signature stripped down dubstep beats.

    Click here to check out his latest video for, "Noches sueños,” ft. Danay Suárez off Mala in Cuba.
  • 8. Borgore

    Borgore is an Israeli Dubstep DJ and producer known as one half of the production duo, Alphamale Primates. Formerly the drummer in a heavy metal band, his electronic music uses elements of fast-paced triplet drum patterns and heavy metal influences--a combo he refers to as “gorestep.”. He’s worked with the likes of Mad Decent and Miley Cyrus, displaying his vast versatilities.

    Check out Borgore’s live recording of his set at Ultra on Soundcloud to get a taste.
  • 9. Flux Pavillion

    Joshua Steele AKA Flux Pavillion is a producer, DJ, vocalist and the co-founder of Circus Records. Hailing from the UK, the 24-year-old broke onto the dubstep scene with his 2011 single, “Bass Cannon.” After being featured on BBC Radio 1 and contributing to a compilation album, he started to gain serious momentum. Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne album features a sample from his song, “I Can’t Stop.”  In January of this year, the independent artist released his Blow The Roof EP.  This summer catch him headlining Electric Zoo in New York.

    Check out the title track of Flux Pavillion’s Blow The Roof EP here.
  • 10. 12th Planet

    John Dadzie’s dubstep alias was inspired by Zecharia Sitchin’s 1976 book, The 12th Planet. With a background in drum and bass, Dadzie began producing dubstep as in LA in 2006. He frequently collaborated with other producers from the area, like Skrillex, who once described 12th Planet as his mentor. He founded the SHUG record label, has played festivals all over the world and been sampled by some of the genre’s biggest figures. He’s sort of like the godfather of American dubstep. 2013 has been spent playing live sets and working with fellow producer, Mayhem on a new single called, “Penny.” Click here to check out 12th Planet’s Soundcloud page.