The holidays are upon us and, chances are -- unless you've been living in a vaccuum -- somebody in your life is obsessed with ABC's hit show Scandal. Whether they liken themselves to Olivia Pope, or can't stop talking about what Huck did in the last episode, there's a special gift just for them. And, hey, they deserve it. If they are indeed Scandal fans, they're being forced to suffer through a horribly long winter break from the show due to Washington's maternity break. Suffice it to say, they need all the love and Scandal-related gifts they can get. Here are a few ideas.

An Unbelievably Chic Olivia Pope-Esque Coat

Half of us are tuning in just to see what Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is wearing.  You can't go wrong with one of these Olivia Pope-esque coats from this Buzzfeed list. Throw in a white hat and you're good to go.

Olivia Pope Wine Glasses

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if you're sitting around waiting for new episodes of your favorite show. Help your friend unwind with a glass of wine (two glasses, at most) in a fancy, schmancy Olivia Pope wine glass. Crate&Barrel has them HERE. You're welcome.

The Scandal Pillow

Find or make a pillow with the following quote on it: "if you want someone killed right, you've got to kill them yourself." Don't worry, it's a reference to a great episode from Season 2 and your Scandal fan will totally get it.

Obviously, The DVDs

Seasons one and two are out on DVD, so there's an easy fix to the gift issue. But if you really, really love this person, you should go ahead and pre-order Season three for them as well. Unlimited access to their favorite show will make them more happy than you can know.

A Twitter Follow From His/Her Favorite Gladiator

Nobody loves Twitter like a Gladiator. If your Scandal fan is obsessed with live-tweeting the show, you might wanna see if you can get them some Holiday love from one of the cast members, or even the show's creator Shonda Rhimes. They've all been known to tweet replies to their biggest fans/Twitter stalkers so if you tweet at enough of them to follow your loved one over the next few days, chances are you'll get some kind of positive response.

Absolutely Anything From This Website

Seriously. Scandal-themed shirts, coffee mugs, and iPhone cases? It's every Gladiator's dream.

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