It’s time to gather ‘round the tree and eat your Christmas lechón with all your primos, but what should you be listening to through it all? Here’s Mi Pepsi’s round up of the 5 songs you get stuck in your head every Latin Christmas.

5. Luis Miguel – “Navidad Navidad”
No shame in our game including two versions of “Jingle Bells” on the same list – the familiar old tune paired with new lyrics is bound to make a song stick. 

4. Celia Cruz – “Soy Felíz”
The best Latin cover of “Jingle Bells.” No, wait. This is an even better version of “Jingle Bells” than “Jingle Bells.”

3. Augie Rios – “Done Está Santa Claus”
This one goes from adorable to weird really quick as you navigate between Augie Rios’ voice and his weirdly written Spanglish. Still: catchy! 

2. La Rondallita – “Mi Burrito Sabanero”
The Venezuelan children’s group La Rondallita recorded this earworm in the ‘70’s, and it’s been piercing eardrums ever since. Don’t miss Miami’s Power 96 remix, either… 

1.Jose Feliciano – “Feliz Navidad”
The classic. Nada más que decir