Japanese electro-instrumental band Mono, released a video for their song “Dream Odyssey.” The song was from their studio album, For My Parents, released in 2012. The eight-minute-long short takes you through a dream odyssey. The video features an astronaut as he slowly slips away, out of sight, into the universe. The instrumental track allows your attention to be focused on the captivating visuals.

From the reflection of the astronaut’s helmet, you can see the sun slowly begin to erupt. With meteors and beams of light shooting out, colors slowly start to change along the spectrum. As the astronaut continues to fall into the abyss of our universe, planets explode and black holes open, sucking in shooting stars. As the character is suspended between Pluto and Earth, the sun dies sending overwhelming ultraviolet radiation creating a myriad of colors. Life forms protected in bubbles float across the screen and begin to pop. 

The music is enchanting and your heart feels for the departing spaceman as shooting stars begin to fall across the screen. The last of the planets slowly die, turning into balls of fire only to be devoured by their environment. The scene turns into a beautiful cloud of rainbow colors and our astronaut ceases to exist. Thus, vegetation grows out of what was once a fireball of sunlight and space returns to its cold, empty existence.

Watch it above and get inspired to vye for a NASA position.