• Blog Pulse: The Best EDM Blogs Right Now
  • 1 Blog Pulse: The Best EDM Blogs Right Now
  • 2 Blog Pulse: The Best EDM Blogs Right Now
  • 3 Blog Pulse: The Best EDM Blogs Right Now
  • 4 Blog Pulse: The Best EDM Blogs Right Now
  • 5 Blog Pulse: The Best EDM Blogs Right Now
  • 6 Blog Pulse: The Best EDM Blogs Right Now
  • 7 Blog Pulse: The Best EDM Blogs Right Now
  • Blog Pulse: The Best EDM Blogs Right Now

    Blog Pulse is Pepsi Pulse’s destination to find out what the best music blogs, websites, and digital music sources are right now. It explores who the most trusted voices in music blogging are, which sites commission the best original mixes, and who has the pulse on different genres around the world.

    Electronic Dance Music was born in the digital age--so it’s only natural that the blogs and online writers who love it are at the top of their game. EDM is one of the most active online genres out there. Artists release new mixes, singles, and collaborations every single day. We told you about Resident Advisor in the list of our Big Ten Music Sites, now this list digs out eight more of our favorite places to find new club hits and unknown mixes. Here are Pepsi Pulse’s Best EDM Blogs Right Now.
  • 1. XLR8R

    XLR8R (pronounced accelerator)  started as a print mag in 2001 covering independent electronic music in the US. Now XLR8R’s online iteration covers global music spanning house, techno, dancehall, and just about everything in between. They have the inside scoop on new artists who are about to break, and their podcast series is one of the best on the net. Get to streaming!

  • 2. Do Androids Dance

  • 3. Dancing Astronaut

    Dancing Astronaut is all about updating readers with the rapidity of the music they cover itself. Focusing on house, progressive techno and dubstep, they serve up a daily feature called “Best of the Rest” that functions like a high-speed download of the most important EDM news every 24 hours. Plug in and get the deets!
  • 4. EDM Sauce

    EDM Sauce gives bite-sized updates on every different aspect of EDM culture. New songs sit side-by-side with event updates, tech news and viral videos. The best feature is a “Deal of the Day,” that highlights an awesome opportunity to get headphones, mixers, and other music-related gear at a discount. Steep yourself in the electronic dance lifestyle and grab a cool pair of headphones while you’re at it!
  • 5. Run The Trap

  • 6. DJZ

    DJZ is the design master of EDM blogs. Their artful, bright colored site looks like the online version of a neon-clad crowd at a popping club night. With a custom-designed avatar for every popular DJ of the moment, DJZ is your culture fix for pretty, well-presented updates on EDM. Feast your eyes on it here.
  • 7. Your EDM

    Your EDM is a blog that runs just like a magazine on the web. With daily news updates, editorials and original interviews, it’s like flipping through a daily EDM rag, without all that paper. Their series, “Unsung Heroes,” directs the spotlight to artists, songs, and industry professionals that get overlooked in major media coverage. Take a peek behind the scenes of your favorite music to learn a little bit more about how much it takes to makes the bass drop.