2014 will no doubt bring great new tracks, but we’re still not done with all the great ones we got in 2013. Here’s 5 tracks from 2013 that Mi Pepsi hasn’t gotten tired of yet.

5. 3Ball MTY – “Vive Hoy”
Our buddies 3Ball MTY have been having a great year, from the Latin Billboards to our private concert series. We couldn’t get their tribal track “Vive Hoy” out of our heads…wonder why that Is…

4. Marc Anthony – “Vivir Mi Vida”
Marc Anthony’s never down for the count – he’s just laying in wait for the next chance to show the youngsters how its done. Vivir Mi Vida is a celebration of his success that had us singing “La La La La La” for months.

3. Michel Teló – “Ai Se Eu Te Pego”
Michel Teló’s sweet-but-mildly-threatening pop hit – the title translates to “Oh, till I catch you” – managed to be the rare Brazilian song that breaks through all the Spanish.

2. Romeo Santos – “Propuesta Indecente”
O, Romeo, Romeo…you never fail to deliver. Who would have thought a tango/bachata fusion would work so well in 2013? Only Romeo could have pulled it off.

1. Don Omar –  “Zumba”
Don Omar is the reigning king of reggaeton, and “Zumba” managed to ride the latest exercise trend to the top. After all: who better to keep you moving and sweating than the Don?